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Lyon, France

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The DECISIVE project’s demonstration site will be installed at Centre de Formation et de Promotion Horticole (CFPH), a public horticulture training and promotional centre. CFPH is based on a 10-hectare piece of land in the city of Ecully, right at the outskirts of Lyon, about 1 km from the nearest metro station and about 200 m from the limit of the city of Lyon. The demonstration site is therefore surrounded by a dense urban area, but is quite unique as these 10 hectares are not built, but dedicated to landscape, horticulture and farming. CFPH is part of a local public institute, which also includes a high school, a commercial nursery & horticulture farm (1,000 m²) that is used for vocational purposes and the regional centre for apprenticeship. REFARMERS have their greenhouse located at CFPH’s premises where they run DECISIVE field tests of bioproducts derived from DECISIVE processes.


The “study zone” for the demonstration site has been defined as a theoretical area centered around it which should provide 50 t of biowaste per year, collected from restaurants. A radius of less than 2 km has been fixed in order to define this zone to characterize the baseline scenario. It is important to underline that the delimitation of the study zone has been made primarily looking at the sources located in proximity of the demonstration site and then focusing only on the biowaste sources targeted by the project. The real boundaries of demonstration site in Lyon will be defined in a more accurate way, considering the area where restaurants willing to take part in the demonstration are located.

As mentioned above, source-separation of biowaste is not compulsory in the Grand Lyon area so the restaurants that will be involved in the project will be the ones to which Refarmers and/or the CFPH deliver fresh produce – testing a circular model – and that will agree to take part in the demonstration and voluntarily source-separating their biowaste.


The demonstration sites will be installed close to the REFARMERS’ greenhouse. Any electricity surplus produced by a Stirling engine – i.e. once the consumption of the demonstration site itself is reached – will be stored on batteries and used to power pumps, lighting and ventilation. Any heat surplus will be used to heat the greenhouse, and potentially the nearby house and hotel. The DECISIVE demonstration site will be also near the main access road going through the site, to allow easy vehicle access. The site will be located more than 50 m away from the nearest building in the neighbourhood (hotel and conference centre Valpré) as it is foreseen by the local legislation that fixes criteria and distance thresholds related to AD installations.

You can read more and detailed information, including the technical specifications in the dedicated publication “Methodology of characterization of the biowaste management system in the DECISIVE demonstration sites: current and new systems simulation for the Lyon and Catalonia cases”. It can be found in the library.

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