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DECISIVE brings together a multi-disciplinary consortium to develop different outcomes making decentralised bio-waste management schemes possible.

New technologies

The technologies targeted in the DECISIVE project, i.e. anaerobic digestion, biogas recovery with a Stirling engine, and solid state fermentation already exist and their concepts have been experimentally proven. Nevertheless the challenges of the DECISIVE project will be to develop the processes at a compatible scale with the targeted decentralised network system, to produce from the processes products adapted to urban farming needs.

Tools and methods

  • A decision-support tool dedicated to local authorities and environmental service companies and comprising a holistic method for designing a network of valorization areas within the urban zone. A Geographic Information System approach will be used to design the network taking into account all the possible constraints of the processes.
  • Communication and training material to inform and engage urban bio-waste producers: households and commercial activities

Indicators to quantify the change induced by the innovative urban biowaste management system, especially possibilities offered by network scale and concept of urban farming as one of the end-users, and its feasibility (social acceptance, regulatory constraints, etc.) will be defined through a multidisciplinary approach (LCA, Eco-industrial system analysis, Network analysis, social acceptance for technical novelty.

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