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Re-watch or re-listen all the previously organised webinars from the DECISIVE webinar series.

DECISIVE: The Concept

Access the recording here.

Download the presentations:

Introduction to the DECISIVE concept and opening remarks; Anne Tremier, project coordinator, INRAE

Solid State Fermentation; Oscar Prado, SSF developer, AERIS

Stirling Engine; Claudio Fontana, Striling engine provider, ITS Energy


Access the recording here.

Download the presentations:

Decision Support Tool: Introduction + Simulation video; Verobnica Martinez, ENT Foundation

Practical use of the Decision Support Tool for different users; Teresa Guererro, ARC

MSW treatment infrastructure planning in Catalonia – Tool’s potential use; Daniel Villaro, ARC

The Bellaterra Campus Context; Marga Lopez, ARC

The use of DST for Bellaterra university case; Rosaria Chifari, ENT Foundation

DECISIVE: The Demonstration – Lyon

Access the recording here.

Download the presentations:

Why this demonstration site?; Anne Tremier, INRAE

Demonstration site preparation and operation; Alain Grenet, EPLEFPA

Technical concept and challenges; Paul-Edouard Koeltz, Stéphane Vernède, ENWISE and Claudio Fontana, ITS Energy

LCA of the demonstration site’s potential; Elisavet Angouria-Tsorochidou, Aarhus University

DECISIVE: The Demonstration – Dolina

Access the recording here.

Download the presentations:

The demo site: location, characteristics, objectives and A&T2000’s role and waste collection; Alberto Piani, A&T 2000

Description of the system installation and comparison between Lyon and Dolina demonstration plants; Claudio Fontana, ITS Energy

Authorisation process in Italy and specific issues for decentralised scale; Federica Bertolutti, A&T 2000

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