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REFARMERS is an ag-tech start-up, focussed on vertical, urban & circular farming. Based in Lyon, France, the company provides equipment & knowledge to modern farmers throughout Europe & beyond:
• manufacturing & distribution of ZipGrowTM solutions, the leading vertical hydroponics technology
• installation of turnkey indoor farm systems
• training & consultancy for farm technical & business design, and farm management
The company operates a pilot-farm in Lyon, France, that grows herbs and leafy greens for high-end restaurants, and runs experiments on organic fertilization for hydroponics.

Role in the project

REFARMERS supports UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona) in the development of biopesticides as an output of the SSF (solid-state fermentation) process. Within the demonstration in Lyon, REFARMERS is also in charge of running the biowaste valorisation technologies (micro-AD and SSF) and assess the value of their ouputs as inputs for the farm.


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