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Aarhus University

AU was founded in 1928. It has 34.000 students – of these approximately 15,000 Master’s degree students, and about 1,600 PhD students – and close to 550 Post-doctoral scholars and 6000 employees (2009/2010). The Department of Environmental Science, ENVS, (formerly part of the National Environmental Research Institute (NERI) established in 1989 by the Danish Ministry of Environment) is a partner of the Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) has a strong background in policy oriented environmental and climate change research. The Department has strong competences in innovative interdisciplinary  research in nature and the environment to support national and European policy makers, industry and society within the areas of e.g. Sustainable Urbanisation, Biobased  production systems, Economic Valuation of environmental impacts, Green Engineering and Health and Environment.

Role in the project

The following competencies and activities will be considered: Integrated sustainability assessment models of complex system by combining different methodological approaches; e.g. Combined Life Cycle Assessment and bioeconomy modelling, Cost-Benefit Analysis with focus on ecosystem services delivered by the decentralized waste management system, Network Analysis including socio-technical transitions and the role of networks in governance of sustainable transition processes. Improvements to the integrated sustainability assessment concept model in terms of system expansion to include multiple services, resource exchanges between actors, operators for end-of-waste stages, from cradle to cradle, including the natural system inside the system boundaries. Monetary and non-monetary valorisation of multiple functions, i.e., products and services provided by ecoindustrial networks quantifying services in terms health improving impacts on the natural environment and climate resulting from circular resource flows across sectors and introduction of innovative environmentally friendly technologies and resource management systems.


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