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Irstea, the National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture, is a Public Scientific and Technical Research Establishment (EPST) falling within the purview of the ministries of research and agriculture. Its multidisciplinary, action-oriented approach to research and expertise in support of public policy involves strong partnerships with French and European universities and research organizations, economic entities and public authorities. The Institute is a founding member of AllEnvi, the National Alliance for Environmental Research, and the European PEER (Partnership for European Environmental Research) network. Irstea has the “Carnot Institute” label since 2006. Irstea’s teams involved in DECISIVE belong to the research unit OPAALE (Optimisation of Processes for Agriculture, Agro-food industries and Environment) and have specific competence skills in biological processes such as anaerobic digestion, environmental and sanitary assessment (gaseous emissions measurement, LCA, GIS).

Role in the project

Irstea GERE is the coordinator of the DECISIVE Project. The research group will also be involved in the development and demonstration activities of the projects. Irstea GERE coordinates the development of spatial approach to design the decentralised valorization network, pilot development for microAD and biogas valorization, collection and pilot implementation, and the assessment of waste prevention provided by the system. For this, the group will build on these skills and experiences in the following areas: decentralized waste management through home composting, GIS tools, territorial waste management planning, anaerobic digestion processes, Municipal waste sampling and characterization.


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