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Latest from the demonstration site in Lyon


The demonstration site in Lyon is slowly taking its shape and the project partner REFARMERS, who is in in charge of this site had a busy 2018 and probably an even busier 2019.

REFARMERS operated field test of the by-products from DECISIVE project over the previous year. They studied the potential of biofertilizers and biopesticides produced from anaerobic digestion and solid-state fermentation of urban biowastes used in urban farming. Three field tests were run, namely on:

  • Liquid by-products fertilizing potential; This field test was run in hydroponic vertical system, using ZipGrowTM tower. We compared the growth of lettuces fertilized with commercial mineral and organic solutions, to the liquid by-products. Fertilizers were also combined with several biostimulants.
  • Solid by-products fertilizing potential; this experiment was run in horticultural containers systems. We analysed the growth of basil and tomatoes grown in substrate containing solid by-products. There were compared with compost and controls
  • Biopesticide developed using solid state fermentation of by-products; the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis has biopesticide properties on the caterpillars of Pieris brassicae, a pest of cabbages. We compared the biopesticide from solid state fermentation of by-products to commercials products

After completing these tests, REFARMERS obtained promising results for the three field tests. They are finalizing the scientific report of Season 2018, which will be soon available.

Season 2019 will see the major milestone for the demonstration site: the pilot installation and field tests! They aim to continue the three field tests and eventually performed laboratory and sensory analysis.  REFARMERS is working closely with CFPH and DECISIVE partners for the installation of Lyon pilot this year. A pilot meeting gathered DECISIVE partners to advance on the project. Moreover, the concept of DECISIVE will be assessed in Season 2019-2020 as most of the DECISIVE products tested should come from Lyon pilot.

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