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Despite the current difficult times, the DECISIVE pilot site in Dolina, Italy, starts to get its final shape

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After several delays and necessary patience, the necessary equipment for setting up the DECISIVE demonstration site in Dolina, Italy arrived and the local project partner is now closer to the launching it.

Thanks to its experience in the sector and to some contacts with already-involved partners, A&T 2000 S.p.A., an Italian public waste manager company, officially entered in DECISIVE project in 2019. The company task is to implement and manage the urban organic waste in order to contribute to the paradigm shift from a linear economy to a circular one. To do so, A&T 2000 S.p.A.  was asked to deploy and manage an anaerobic digester fuelled by the biowaste originated by the local population and able to produce valuable products for urban farming and biogas.

After a long period of negotiation with the producer, A&T 2000 S.p.A. is happy to announce that the anaerobic digestor from the UK based company SEaB Power LTD is now on site.

The demonstration site chosen by A&T 2000 S.p.A. is the municipality of San Dorligo della Valle – Dolina (Italy) on the border between Italy and Slovenia.

The system is precisely set up in part of the property of the “Comunela” (the management of the common properties of Dolina) and it has a capacity of 200 t/year. It is composed by four different containers whose aim is to treat and to transform the organic waste into biogas and digestate. The biogas can be burned to produce electricity while the digestate can be used as agronomic added-value products.

When all operation of installation and integration of the Stirling motor (engineered by ITS Energy S.r.l.) will be concluded, and the system will have obtained the regional authorisation, the plant will start-up for an experimental period in order to achieve a steady state as soon as possible.

A&T2000 S.p.A. is looking forward to see the first results of the digestion process and to study their use in agriculture. Moreover, the company hopes to enlarge this technology in other municipalities (served by A&T2000 spa) in order to find a local solution for biowaste management.

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