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The demonstration site in Lyon to see daylight and unveil the DECISIVE scheme for the first time – register and be there!

The Demonstration Site In Lyon To See Daylight And Unveil The DECISIVE Scheme For The First Time – Register And Be There!

With the arrival of the DECISIVE demonstration unit from China, tailor-made to the needs of the project previously defined by numerous experiments, test runs and baseline assessment thanks to the methodology which is now available in a form of a Decision Support Tool, the demonstration site in Lyon is ready to be presented to the project’s target group and general public.

While Refarmers, a local SME specialised in urban farming, will be the main beneficiary of this technology, it will be the Centre de Formation et de Promotion Horticole (CFPH) who will open its doors as the host of the DECISIVE demonstration site. Located just outside Lyon’s central areas, CFPH’s facilities include a school and a large area used for trainings in horticulture and landscaping, organic gardening and much more. The school will open its doors on 14 November in order to welcome all the interested parties who want to witness a groundbreaking scheme which revolves around decentralised biowaste management.

A number of other local stakeholders will be included in the visit, mainly those who are providers of biowaste for the demonstration site or beneficiaries of what the school and its gardens offer in form of products. The day will start with a conference at Irstea’s Lyon research centre. Being the project coordinator, Irstea wants to provide a backgound information on what the Lyon demonstration site is about and moreover – how did we reach this stage of having a functional and running unit turning everyhting the projects consortium worked on into practice.

The registrations for the conference and the study visit are now open. All events are free of charge. Please follow the following two links to the registration forms in French and English.

In case of any questions or other inquiries, please contact Erneszt Kovacs at

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