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The DECISIVE webinar series to end with the last one on the Italian demo site on 14 September

The DECISIVE Webinar Series To End With The Last One On The Italian Demo Site On 14 September

This summer’s webinar series which was dedicated to the project’s key accomplishments and outputs is coming to an end as the last remaining one is announced to take place on 14 September.

This last webinar will be dedicated to our Italian demonstration site located in Dolina, at the very border with Slovenia. The webinar will be supported by the local project partner A&T 2000, a waste management company serving a group of municipalities and the future operator of the demonstration site. While the installation’s design and functionalities is very similar to the one in Lyon, previously presented in one of the webinars, the concept differs especially in terms of waste collection and waste source in general. This is why the Italian demonstration site will greately contribute to the project’s results at it will diversify the potential benefits an installation like DECISIVE’s could bring to local communities.

Other speakers will include Claudio Fontana of ITS Energy who will focus on the technical aspect of the installation and the equipment itself. As we want our audience would understand the difference between the two demonstration sites, project partners responsible for assessing the sites, waste characterisation and similar will make sure the differences are highlighted.

The webinar will take place on 14 Septeber at 11h.

The provisional agenda is as it follows:

  • Introduction
  • The demo site: location, characteristics, objectives and A&T2000’s role + waste collection; Alberto Piani, A&T 2000
  • Description of the demo site design and equipment; Federica Bertolutti, A&T 2000, Claudio Fontana, ITS Energy
  • Q&A break
  • Description of the sistem installation and comparison betwen Lyon and Dolina demonstration plants; Claudio Fontana, ITS Energy
  • Explanation the authorisation process in Italy and specific issues for decentralised scale; Federica Bertolutti, A&T 2000
  • Future developments at the demonstration site and conclusion; Alberto Piani, A&T 2000

You can register for the webinar already now through this form:

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