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A brand new video on the Lyon demonstration site premiered during the project’s Final Conference

A Brand New Video On The Lyon Demonstration Site Premiered During The Project’s Final Conference

The project’s Final Conference, which took place back in October 2021, didn’t only gather the key speakers and experts in biowaste management and its treatment but was also a perfect occasion for premiering a new video report shot on site in Lyon, which tells the story of the decentralised biowaste management set up in that city.

The Final Conference and its agenda successfully replaced a physical meeting providing the large audience with all the conclusions, results and achievements, as well as suggestions for the way forward. The participants also had the opportunity to be the first ones to see the brand new video shot in Lyon which perfectly summarises what the DECISIVE solution was about.

Shot in the summer of 2021, the video features both the developers and the users of the installation, but also third parties involved in the biowaste management scheme – restaurants and the agriculture school which hosts the installation, as well as an urban garden which uses the biopesticides produced during the biowaste treatment process.

Watch the video here.

Other versions are available, too, such as the long French version, and short English and French.


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