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The Waste Agency of Catalonia finances improvements in the equipment of the composting plant in Granollers

The Waste Agency Of Catalonia Finances Improvements In The Equipment Of The Composting Plant In Granollers

The Board of Directors of the Waste Agency of Catalonia (ARC) has approved the financing of actions to improve the equipment of the anaerobic digestion and composting plant of Granollers.

In particular, it will provide €353,256 to the Consorci per a la Gestió dels Residus del Vallès Oriental, which is the owner of the installation, to acquire a machine that will optimize the production process by reducing the waste that occurs in the process of treatment of the organic fraction. Composting plants recycle organic waste through biological treatment under controlled conditions, a biological process with oxygen that, under conditions of ventilation, humidity and temperature controlled, transforms degradable organic waste into a stable and sanitized product called Composite, which can be used as organic fertilizer. In the case of Granollers, in the anaerobic digestion plant, part of the organic matter of waste is transformed, by the action of microorganisms, into biogas.

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