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The European Biogas Association releases its new statistical report

The European Biogas Association Releases Its New Statistical Report

The European Biogas Association (EBA) joins forces every year with its extensive network of national biogas associations to provide overviews, statistics and analyses of biogas markets, support schemes and related policy issues what results in Statistical Reports allowing industry, academia and policy-makers to keep up-to-date with the latest developments of biogas and biomethane sectors in Europe.

This report comes on an annual basis with a complete overview of the European biogas and biomethane market and it has been like that for the last 7 years already. Thanks to its network of national biogas associations, the European umbrella association benefits from first hand data and latest available updates. The new publication reports on 17,662 biogas plants currently in place in Europe and additional 503 biomethane plants in operation in December 2016.

According to EBA’s president, Jan Štambasky, and his foreword, the biogas market changes and new technologies are appearing making the overall picture very diverse and innovative: “Despite the headwind our industry faces, this again represents growth, especially in the biomethane sector, which was very active in 2016 and 2017. The last two years have seen the creation of a new association to facilitate biomethane trade at an EU level (the European Renewable Gas Registry – ERGaR), significant advances in innovative technologies (including power-to-methane and biomass gasification) and initiatives to highlight and support the crucial role of renewable gas in ensuring a cost-effective energy transition in Europe (such as the Gas for Climate initiative, led by Ecofys). If the European energy transition from fossil to renewable is to succeed, the biogas industry will need to play an integral part in future development. A complete European picture thus gives good cause for optimism.”

As he further announced “The European Biogas Association will continue to increase collaboration in the sector, as illustrated by the recent development of the Biorefine Cluster in collaboration with the University of Gent (aimed at bringing together projects in energy and nutrient cycling). The EBA will also continue to provide momentum to the biogas and biomethane industry and to protect the interests of the industry at EU level.”

The Statistical Report is available for purchase, but we bring you the excerpt which describes the current situation in general in Europe, as well as France in particular. See the summary here.

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