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The DECISIVE Demonstration Site in Lyon presented as one of the solutions for small-scale anaerobic digestion to the French audience

The DECISIVE Demonstration Site In Lyon Presented As One Of The Solutions For Small-scale Anaerobic Digestion To The French Audience

The demonstration site’s hosts, the Lycée Agricole d’Ecully on the outskirts of Lyon participated in a workshop organised by the French region of Auvergne – Rhone – Alpes, the French Agency for Environmental and Energy management (ADEME) and Tennerrdis energy cluster.

This workshop brought together 10 initiatives and projects active in the region, all having in common one characteristic – they all represent small-scale anaerobic digestion solutions. The DECISIVE solution and the way it was set up and has been operating since its installation was presented by Alain Grenet as one of the solutions for valorising biowaste originating from local communities.

The main objectives of this workshop were in the first place an exchange of successful individual initiatives, identification of potential synergies or wider networks and exchange of needs and expectations in order to facilitate the successful continuation of these initiatives. Alain Grenet presented not only the DECISIVE concept but also the way it was adapted and modified to the local circumstances in Lyon. He spoke about not only the technical characteristics of the demonstration site but also how it is integrated in key biowaste flows in the local community – connecting biowaste producers with the demonstration site, and on the other end potential users of products obtained through anaerobic digestion.

“Participants were interested in the technical and the organisational part but were still questioning the economic aspects. We hope the end of the project would bring them some interesting answers.” Alain Grenet highlighted when asked what such workshops could bring to the project and added “It was great to present the advantages of the Decision Support Tool and the technical outputs. Participants were interested in such down-scaling approaches because the conventional up-scaling is what they were used to as it is usually easier to set up .” when it comes to what the project can bring to such exchanges of ideas and solutions

Another positive outcome of this workshop was the interest shown by ADEME, Tenerrdis and other participant who attended it to be involved in the economic assessment of DECISIVE solution.

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