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Two webinars down, two more to go: The DECISIVE webinar series continues

Two Webinars Down, Two More To Go: The DECISIVE Webinar Series Continues

11 June saw the second DECISIVE webinar of the total four to take place this spring/summer. After the first one explaining in details the underlying princicples and concept of the DECISIVE solution, the second one was dedicated to the Decision Support Tool (DST), a valuable software that helps local and regional authorities rethink their waste amnagement schemes.

Thanks to the Catalan Waste Agency (ARC) and ENT Foundation, who were among the Tool’s main dvelopers and speakers at the webinar, the participants were able to go through all the funtionalities and features of the tool. Veronica Martinez of ENT Foundation tried to explain the underlying objective of the tool and who the tool was designed for. Teresa Guererro of the Catalan Waste Agency later reflected on the tool’s potential users and how this tool was taken up by ARC. Daniel Villaro complemented her presentation and reflection on the tool as someone who is responsible for the infrastructure development in Catalonia and deciding what facilities would need to established in what parts of the region. He confirmed that the Tool could play a valuable contribution to decison making processes, especially if these decisions are based on good data on waste production, distance and other indicators.

The case study that made the webinar attractive was the case of Bellaterra campus of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Marga Lopez of ARC gave a brief description of the campus and the biowaste processes that are taking place there before Rosaria Chifari went deeper into the tool’s features and ran a simulation on the campus’ case.

As the webinar contained a lot of visual simulations and required the participants to be very attentive to the presentations, for the sake of reviewing all that on demand, the recording can be found on this page.

As the date and time for the third webinar are confirmed, we nvite you to book them in your agendas. Titled “DECISIVE: Lyon demo site”, it will take place on 12 July at 11h. This webinar will follow the introductory webinar and the presentation of the Decision Support Tool and will now completely focus on a case study and demonstration site in Lyon. Until then, you can visit this page, dedicated to the very demo site. The registrations and the agenda will be online very shortly.

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