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The DECISIVE webinar series continues with the 3rd one on the demonstration site in Lyon

The DECISIVE Webinar Series Continues With The 3rd One On The Demonstration Site In Lyon

Following the two previous webinars which were focusing on the underlying principles, technology and accompanying tools for decentralised biowaste management, the third one, on 12 July at 11h, will round all that up in form of presenting the demonstration site in Lyon, France.

Although the Lyon demonstration site was launched in November 2019 during a local event that was organised there, it has been continuously attracting a lot of attention ever since from national and international local and regional authorities but also companies and other stakeholders in the field of biowaste management. This is why this webinar will allow a much wider group to see what the DECISIVE solution looks like in practice.

The careful selection of speakers will ensure that the webinar would tell a story about the demonstration site from its very beginning through the challenges they encountered and the current state-of-art. The selection of speakers will also reflect all the different actors around the demonstration site, including technology providers, biowaste suppliers, product users and more which will allow the webinar to look at the demonstration site from different angles.

The fact that the installation had to go through very turbulent times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and closure of major biowaste producers in the area will also contribute with a very important topic to be discussed during the webinar.

The provisional set of speakers will include Anne Tremier of INRAE, the project coordinator, who would give some background information on the objective of the demonstration site and all the other decisions that were taken when selecting the location. Claudio Fontana of ITS Energy and Stephane Vernede of ENWISE, as the technology suppliers will reflect on the technical challenges. Some of the local biowaste producers will be invited and announced upon their confirmation. Elisavet Angouria-Tsorochidou of the Aarhus University would close the webinar with a Life Cycle Analysis of the installation and its potentials.

While the final agenda would be announced shortly, interested audience can already register through the registration form below. The webinar will take place on 12 July, at 11h.

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