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DECISIVE webinar series registration form

The provisional agenda is displayed below. The final agenda will be shared with the participants prior to the webinar.

  • Anne Tremier of INRAE, the project coordinator describing the underlying principles and objectives of the DECISIVE Concept
  • INRAE as the developers of the micro anaerobic digestion and its downscaling to smaller waste quantities, lab results, accepted solution and its advantages
  • Claudio Fontana of ITS Energy who would focus on the Stirling engine and why did it make it as the chosen technology for biogas valorisation, its key features and performances
  • Oscar Prado of AERIS as the project partner adjusting solid state fermentation processes to the rest of the concept describing its development, lab testing and where does it exactly come into the overall process
  • Pablo Kroff of SUEZ who would provide the closing speech on where the DECISIVE concept comes into decentralised biowaste management and what would be the benefits it brings to local and regional authoirities but also operators of such installations

The webinar is expected to last 1h30 including the Q&A session which would allow all the interested parties to fully understand all the principles and processes before the webinar series continue and cover more particular features.

Registration form

DECISIVE will use the information you provide thorugh this form for adding you to the webinar's participant list. We will use your contact details to send you the link to the webinar. Your personal data and contact details will thus be exclusively used only for the webinar purposes and won't be forwarded to any third parties. Please confirm that you agree that we contact you by e-mail.
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