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DECISIVE interview: Rudiger Siechau, CEO Stadtreinigung Hamburg

Mr Siechau explains the waste collection and management in the city of Hamburg with a special focus on biowaste management. The interview explains biowaste collection principles, its pathways and value chains, technologies used for its treatment and final products.

DECISIVE interview: Bruno Meulman, DeSaH BV

Mr Meulman presents the principles and technologies his company DeSaH has developed and uses in their operations, regarding decentralised sanitation and reuse of resources.

DECISIVE interview: Veronica Martinez, Fundacio ENT

An interview with Veronica Martinez of Fundacio ENT during the international conference “The Role of Decentralised Biowaste Management in a Circular Economy” on the project’s Decision Support Tool which was developed by Fundacio ENT.

DECISIVE interview: Eric Dargent, Refarmers

Eric Dargent, the CEO of Refarmers, the project partner responsible for the implementation of the demonstration site in Lyon explains the role of SMEs in such European projects and the mutual benefits such projects can bring, to both SMEs and innovation in Europe.

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