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University of Aarhus’ projects win at the Climate-KIC competition

University Of Aarhus’ Projects Win At The Climate-KIC Competition

Researchers at Aarhus University managed to fundraise €30,000 for realisation of their green solutions at this year’s second Climate-KIC Ideation Day.

The €30,000 prize was awarded to three out of four projects submitted by the university. Out of the three winning ideas, €15,000 went to senior researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science Hans Sanderson’s project, aimed at promoting climate protection of European companies and their value chains.

The other winners were Professor Marianne Thomsen of the Department of Environmental Science, whose price of €5,000, among other things, is intended for the development of tools for recycling hard PVC in urban agriculture. Professor René Rohrbeck from the Department of Business Management received €10,000 euros to promote more systemic innovation in the transition to sustainable cities.

In total, 20 proposals were presented at the conference on 22 August, on the second day of the two-day event. The proposals were introduced with one minute long pitches at the start of the day, after which sparring and evaluations in small workshops took place. Participants could come up with ideas for each other’s projects, answer questions from interested parties and create collaborative relationships.

Later in the afternoon there was again a pitch round this time in three minutes, where participants could elaborate their ideas and answer questions from the jury consisting of Pan Pan, Deputy Director of Climate KIC Switzerland, Climate Change and Innovation Coordinator at Climate KIC Nordic Lars Gjølme, Nordic Innovation Pipeline Manager at Climate KIC Nordic Henrik Søndergaard and Susanne Pedersen, Director of Climate-KIC Nordic.

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