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Fundacio ENT launched a website which gathers all financial aspects of waste management practices in Spain in one place

Fundacio ENT Launched A Website Which Gathers All Financial Aspects Of Waste Management Practices In Spain In One Place

The Observatory on Waste Taxation was created in 2018 to monitor the use of taxation instruments for waste policy in Spain. The objective is to act as a reference in this aspect and to promote a greater use of waste taxes and charges as tools to improve waste management.

This website compiles a variety of content about waste charges, pay-as-you-throw schemes and landfill and incineration taxes in Spain. This content will be updated as new studies and instruments are included. Furthermore, it includes case-study reports that may be of interest to public administrations that may want to adopt these schemes, as well as a section including many technical and scientific reports about waste taxation.

This project is promoted by Fundació ENT and has a clear vocation to be open to the collaboration of people and entities that share the objective of seeking to improve the quality of the environment through environmental taxation. Fundació ENT is constituted by professionals with multidisciplinary profiles within the environmental sector and has a long history in topics such as ecological economics, political ecology, waste management, energy and fisheries.

Fundació ENT looks forward to continue expanding the contents on this website. Thus, the project is open to collaboration deepening in waste taxation instruments, new case studies, etc. This may be through cooperation with administrations, universities, student internships, etc.

Those interested in the observatory can visit the website here.

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