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A remarkable participation of the DECISIVE project at this year’s WasteEng conference

A Remarkable Participation Of The DECISIVE Project At This Year’s WasteEng Conference

The beginning of July saw a very prominent participation of the DECISIVE project at this year’s scientific conference WasteEng 2018, held in Prague, Czech Republic. During 4 days, from July 2 to July 5, numerous scientific presentations and discussions took place on biomass valorisation and waste management in general, including several inputs coming from the DECISIVE project.

WasteEng, founded by Ange Nzihou and co-organized by IMT Mines Albi (France) and, this year, the faculty of civil engineering of the Technical University of Prague, is an international conference on the topic of waste and biomass valorization. Its first edition took place in 2005. It brings together more than 400 people from more than 50 different countries every two years. The enthusiasm that accompanies the conference reflects the emerging concerns of companies around the world. Because the issues of waste recovery are not identical everywhere in the world, the international dimension gives all its value to the event.

During the WasteEng 2018 discussions, the food waste issue took a large place with presentations exploring food waste prevention, collection, biorefinery but also valorisation organisation. Within these discussions, the DECISIVE project found its place by presenting four oral communications and a poster, coming from several consortium partners. Pierre Thiriet and Axelle Degueurce from Irstea presented respectively their “Proposal of a GIS method for designing a spatially optimized micro-ad network in urban and peri-urban areas” and “Variation of food waste characteristics during aerobic storage: consequences for solid-state anaerobic digestion process”. Other speakers included  Ina Körner from TUHH on “Challenges of food waste avoidance and collection on the example of the city of Hamburg”, Paula Rodriguez from UAB presenting on “Valorization of digestate through solid state fermentation to produce biopesticides with bacillus thuringiensis” and Laura Meijas Torrent (AERIS) ‘s work on “Assessing the potential of digestate from biowaste for cellulase and xylanase production”.

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