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A micro-anaerobic digester within Irstea research center in Antony to promote the restaurant biowaste

A Micro-anaerobic Digester Within Irstea Research Center In Antony To Promote The Restaurant Biowaste

Micro-anaerobic digester “Tricube”, a new research equipment has been set up near the the Irstea research centre and the buildings of the institute directorate in Antony, near Paris.

The restaurant of the staff that will supply the micro AD with 5 to 10 tonnes of food waste (meals preparation and leftovers) is also located near the new equipment. Part of the produced biogas will heat the ground floor of a building,  where experimental pilots are installed and which requires a constant temperature of 35° C.

Thanks to this Tricube, conceived by a start-up of Centrale Supélec, company TRYON, the research team (PROSE – Biotechnological Processes in the Environment Department) will also develop Biorare technology at a nearly industrial scale, with the use of microbial electro-synthesis in parallel with anaerobic digestion.

Special attention is paid to the site’s safety and prevention of odours. The permit procedure for classified installation for the protection of the environment (ICPE) is mandatory for the anaerobic digesters fed wit animal by-products (presence of meat in the restaurant biowaste). The developer and operator Tryon filed the application for authorization with the authorities. Operation of the Tricube should be effective in September-October once the authorizations have been acquired and the specific facilities and tests have been carried out.

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