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The pilot unit designed for the demonstration site in Lyon now shipped from China – big launch planned upon its arrival!

The Pilot Unit Designed For The Demonstration Site In Lyon Now Shipped From China – Big Launch Planned Upon Its Arrival!

After several months of working closely with the technology provider for the pilot unit developed for the demonstration site in Lyon, France, the project partners involved in this development and the technology provider have finalised all details and agreed on its final process layout and technical specifications.

After months of preparation which included research and laboratory tests, the Chinese provider in Shanghai started to build the unit designed to fit all necessary steps into one single container. The unit, with a final weight of 12 tonnes (container included), was finialised more than a month ago in the factory in China. A SUEZ China team performed the factory acceptance tests and issued green light for shipping the unit to France. Shipment took place nearly a month ago. The unit is now expected to arrive to Lyon by the end of September.

While the unit sails somewhere in the Indian Ocean, the local Lyon team, composed of the project partners Refarmers and its partner, the Horticultural Training and Education Centre which will in fact host the unit on its premises are working hard in order to prepare the arrival of the shipment. Three main elements are defining the preparatory works: the preparation of cement platforms with fixation points for the container to be installed, a retention basin on its side (to contain any leakage), and the electricity connection line.

Coinciding with these recent developments, the rest of the project consortium, namely Irstea and ACR+ have started preparing and organising a week long set of events which will complement the arrival of the unit and mark the launch of this demonstration site. From the 12 November to 15 November, the project consortium will meet in Lyon and apart from a number of meetings, they project partners will also participate in the public launch of the unit which is planned to take place on 14 November. The launch will be preceded by a conference on decentralysed biowaste management solutions which will gather numerous local and regional, but also national and international participants. More details on the conference will be known soon.

Interested parties in participating in the conference and attending the public launch of the demonstration site which will also see an interesting guided tour of the demonstration site can already get in touch with Erneszt Kovacs, of ACR+ at

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