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A Decentralised Approach to Municipal Biowaste Management

Barcelona, 26 April 2018

Opening speeches:

Opening and Welcome Notes by representatives of Agència de Residus de Catalunya (ARC) and Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB)

DECISIVE project presentation; Anne Tremier, Irstea

Separate Collection System in Catalonia; Teresa Guerrero, Nora San Sebastián, ARC

Catalonia as a DECISIVE demonstration site:

The Environmental Innovation Project of UAB and DECISIVE; Konstantinos Kourkoutas, PhD, UAB

Presentation of the waste collection system at UAB; Oscar Prado, UAB

Biowaste Management at the Campus; Marga lopez, ARC

Learning from other projects and methodologies

Project URBANWINS; Ricard Jorba, Consorci del Bages per la Gestió de Residus

Project ECOWASTE4FOOD; Agència de Residus de Catalunya

Project REVOLTA; Josep M. Vallès, Co-operative TARPUNA

Project METHAMORPHOSIS; Antonio Giménez Lorang, Aqualia


CO2ZW: Carbon Footprint tool for waste management in EU; Practical case: Carbon Footprint of municipal waste in Catalunya; Carles M. Gasol, Inedit


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